Thursday, February 18, 2010

Childhood Toys Part 6 [What's Old Is New]

Some toys from the 1980's (and late 70's in the case of Alien) have been reimagined and released with the adult collector in mind. Now I am not an adult toy collector, but a few of these figures are very well done and tempting.
The only toy I purchased as an adult, and I just couldn't help myself, was a Star Wars Lightsaber when Star Wars toys became popularized again on account of the prequels.

Alien 18" Action Figure by Neca
A great replacement of sorts for Kenner's 1979 18" Alien figure.

Transformers Classics
First came the Toys'R'Us Reissue of Soundwave then came the Hasbro 25th Anniversary Reissue of Soundwave (pictured below) which includes Soundwave and all his cassettes!

Masters Of The Universe Classics from Matty Collector
These figures are not mass-produced and seem to go quickly. That has unfortunately given Ebay and Amazon bloodsuckers free reign to charge what they wish.

A company called Art Asylum secured the rights to Madballs and are re-releasing some of them.
Crack Head has been rebranded as the more politically correct Bash Brain to be more in-line with the times. How lame is that. They look inferior when compared to their original counterparts in my opinion.

The New Garbage Pail Kids
In 2003, Topps reintroduced Garbage Pail Kids with all-new cards, dubbed the All New Series (ANS). As of 2008, Topps has released seven "All New Series" sets

Garbage Pail Kids Flashback

"Topps will be releasing a "flashback" set on February 24, 2010, featuring characters from the original 1985-87 Garbage Pail Kids series (8 each from OS 1 to 9) and only two from OS 10 plus 6 unpublished characters along with the Where Are They Now subset which 10 classic GPK characters are drawn as they would appear today. Each card has an a/b twin for a total of 160 base set cards. Packs will contain randomly inserted chase cards including lenticular Loco Motion, hand-drawn Artist Sketches, authentic Printing Plates, and four levels of Parallels."

Transformers Classics/Wikipedia Entry
By Hasbro 2006-2007

The Transformers Classics line consited of all-new molds designed to resemble updated versions of several Generation 1 Transformers.

Star Wars Transformers/TF
By Hasbro 2006-2009
Star Wars & Transformers? Awesome! It's like a childhood wet dream come true!
What? Luke Skywalker can TRANSFORM into the X-Wing Fighter!?! (Head explodes)

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