Thursday, February 18, 2010

Childhood Toys Part 5 [Pac-Mania, The Wild Side, Addendum]


Me and my 1981 Tomytronic Pac-Man. My first official video-game. I played the daylights out of it! {Photo from Christmas 1983}
It began turning off on me while I was playing so one day, a friend and I opened the thing up to see if we could figure out what the problem was. All that needed to be done was solder a wire back onto it's connector, and my Mom tossed it out!

Pac-Man Board Game (Milton-Bradley 1982)
X-Entertainment Article

I also used to have a bunch of Pac-Man trading cards, A Pac-Man Lunchbox, and I still have a small Pac-Man Wind-Up Toy.

My pair of western themed cap guns (model #272)

Ok, so the next one isn't really a toy per say. Switchblade Combs!

Hell yeah I had one!
About a year or two ago I ordered a couple off of Switchblade Combs just for the heck of it.

Inspired by Rocky, here I am with a pair of boxing gloves and the Super Punch Bag under the tree, which was made to fit into any doorway. If you didn't tighten the arms enough or punched too hard, the whole thing would come flying off. I punched my brother and friends with the boxing gloves for years to come.

{Photo Christmas 1981}

Ahhh the days of realistic looking toy guns, faux switch blades, and candy cigarettes.

Pack of candy cig's and firework in hand, cuz that's just how I rolled, baby.
{Photo Summer Vacation, Eagle River 1984}

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