Thursday, February 18, 2010

Childhood Toys Part 4 [Toy Cars]

- 1973 -
Then of course there's one of the most popular boys toys of the 1970s, The Evil Knievel Stunt Cycle. Weird Scifi Entry/Feeling Retro Entry
I feel quite familiar with this toy, although I'm not 100% positive that I owned one myself.

- 197? -
Marx Cobra Big Wheel

I used to love my Big Wheels. I would ride that thing until my butt was sore, although with hard plastic seats, that didn't take very long. I made use of it until the plastic tires were shredded.
I cannot find the commercial on YouTube, but apparently it's contained within the Sold Separately: Classic Kids Commercials DVD.

- 1979 -
Hot Wheels City (Mattel, 1979)
City De Ville (Sto-and-Go) or the Service Center set. Both sets were very similar and were both released in 1979. Hot Wheels City has a car elevator while the Service Center does not. These tracks could fold together to form a briefcase of sorts, making them easily transportable.
I feel quite familiar with this toy, although I'm not sure if I owned one myself.

Hot Wheels Service Center

- 1981 -
Dukes Of Hazzard Electric Slot Racing Set (Ideal, 1981)
Ahhh the Dukes of Hazzard figure-8 race track with stunt-jump intersection. I remember settin' this thing up on a card table in the basement and just goin' at it.

Although on second thought, I think I may have had the Automan version of The Dukes figure 8 set.

I also had Tyco's Daredevil 500 race track.

Other cool toy cars from the 1980's?
X-Entertainment Article on Toy Cars of the 1980's
Stomper's & Set's (Schaper 1981-1986)
Stomper 4x4 Site/Route 21 Site

Hot Wheels Crack-Ups (introduced in 1983 I believe)

Schaper's Five Winders (year introduced unknown)
Matchbox Monster Trucks (introduced in the mid-eighties)
Power Blaster pull-string motorcycle (year and co. unknown)
Tonka's Quick Silver wind-up dragster (1982)

The many Matchbox/HotWheels/Ertl novelty cars modeled after popular Television and Film, including the General Lee (Ertl)

the A-Team Van (Ertl 1983)

Spider-Man (Hot Wheels 1975)

the Batmobile, the Firebird Trans-am "Bandit" (Smokey & The Bandit), and KITT from Knight Rider.


  1. I had the same Hot Wheels Service Center in youtube video when I was a kid.

  2. What 'bout the GREEN MACHINE and its lesser popular Patty Duke RED BARRON?!?!?!