Thursday, February 18, 2010

Childhood Toys Part 3 [Action Figures]

- 1982 -
Tron (TOMY)
I may have had a TRON cycle.

I also remember having a glow in the dark TRON frisbee (or flying disc if you prefer), alhtough it could've just been a generic dime store glow in the dark frisbee.

- 1984 -
It's difficult for me to remember all the Transformers I used to own, although I know I was partial to the jets and smaller cars. All that remains is a lunch bag full of broken parts.
But the coolest Transformer was of course Soundwave (Hasbro 1984)

Soundwave transformed into a boombox with a cassette deck that could be opened to reveal a miniature tape that transformed into a "condor".
Transformers G1 Commercials

I even saw Transformers: The Movie when it was released in theaters in 1986.

Voltron (Matchbox, 1984)

I think I had the main "Deluxe Lion" character (pictured on the upper right), though I'm not positive. Voltron was a cool cartoon and concept. A bunch of characters coming together to form one big super-powerful one.

WWF 8' Figures (LJN, 1984-1989)
Wrestling characters that could take the abuse! My friend had the wrestling ring for serious rumbles. X-Entertainment Article 1, Article 2

Then one cannot go without mentioning LJN's WWF Thumb Wrestlers!
X-Entertainment WWF Thumb Wrestlers Article

They even made erasers out of them with Rock'n'Wrestling Erasers

- 1985 -
MADBALLS! AmToy (1985/1986)
Madballs Central/Wikipedia Entry/X-Entertainment Madballs Article
There were plenty of imitators, but Madballs were the originals and the best.
I was partial to Slobulous and Crack Head.

I actually still have my M.U.S.C.L.E. Men (Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere) [1985-1988] I-Mockery Entry/Nathan's Muscle Page

I also still have the wonderfully disgusting Garbage Pail Kids [by Topps 1985-1987].

Out of all toy lines, I was the most feverish about He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe [by Mattel 1982-1988]. I created some of my own He-Men on paper, had two of the fan magazines, and even saw the live-action movie starring Dolph Lundgren when it was released in theaters in 1987. Even looking back on them today, I still think they are incredibly creative and remain unmatched.
It was around the age of 11 or 12, or 1986/1987, that I switched from He-Man (and toys altogether) over to Nintendo, and never looked back. I went from "I Have The Power" to "Nintendo Power". Sorry He-Man.

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