Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine

Yeah, I'm gonna have to see that. It looks funny, and just a plain old good time.
It's almost like paying an homage to Cusack's character Lane Meyer from 1985's Better Off Dead, revisiting the ski resort featured in that film.

Though, I was surprised to read that Cusack hated Better Off Dead, and told the director “You know, you tricked me. Better Off Dead was the worst thing I have ever seen. I will never trust you as a director ever again, so don’t speak to me.”
It broke director Savage Steve Holland's heart (who also directed One Crazy Summer starring Cusack) and made him "not care about movies anymore".
Cusack; “The director wanted to do absurdist comedy and that’s just not the thing I like to do.”
I guess Cusack thought he was above the material. Cusack is said not to ever talk about Better Off Dead or One Crazy Summer, even though those films played a big part in introducing Cusack to the world.

Here's some more of Cusack hatin' on the eighties;
John Cusack Hates The Movies You Loved In The Eighties
Cusacks Transformation From Cool To Sad Sack
And as witnessed on Cusacks March 24th, 2010 appearance on Craig Ferguson, his feelings on the eighties haven't changed, nor is it likely they ever will. It's something fans of his have just had to come to accept. The problem isn't his honesty, it's that it comes across as jaded.
John Cusack; "No, at the end of Hot Tub Time Machine I think you find out that the eighties are not worth revisiting except in a very very broad black comedy or unless you're probably on psilocybin (a hallucinogenic) or some sort of drugs."

I'm going to assume, hopefully, that he's wised up and gotten over himself - since he is starring in a movie about a "Hot Tub Time Machine", and that's a premise about as absurd as they come.

UPDATE 8-21-08;
So I finally watched HTTM on DVD 8-20-2010, and it was pretty forgettable. The previews made it look a lot funnier than it actually was. None of the characters were very likeable so it was difficult to feel sympathetic for them.
A shallow one-note blanket representation of the eighties, showing that it takes a lot more than just costume design and an eighties soundtrack to capture an era on film.
You know what the best way to re-experience the eighties (on film) is? To pop in an actual movie from the eighties. Cusack can take as many pot-shots at the eighties as he'd like, but when it comes down to it, the movies starring Cusack which I'll purchase to own on DVD/Blu-Ray will be the ones which were actually filmed and released back in the 1980's.

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