Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Childhood Toys Part 1 [Monster Toys]

- 1977 -
Godzilla (Shogun Warriors, Mattel 1977) complete with action tongue and flying fist.
This was such a great toy. Godzilla's projectile fist had some weight to it and the spring was fairly strong, strong enough to knock a-many other toy figures down.
Why Godzilla you ask? Well, NBC ran a Godzilla Cartoon from 1978-1981, so that helped to fuel the fire.

- 1978 -
Suckerman by Mattel (1978)

I actually still have Suckerman (mine is red), although he's missing a sucker or two.

- 1979 -
Alien 18" Figure by Kenner (1979)
It was large, it had glow in the dark decals on it's head, it's inner-jaws came out via lever (they were sharp too!), and you could fasten it's tail in different positions. It was based off of an R Rated movie yet marketed towards children. Supposedly when my dad was in line to purchase it some woman asked who it was for and when he said "my son" she was mortified! "It's soo ugly!"
I was fascinated by it yet at the same time it scared the be-jeezus outta me. I had to store it in my closet so it was out of sight and out of mind. Yet that didn't always work because I knew it was in there. I think there were a few times before I became accustomed to it where I needed it out of my room altogether for piece of mind.
I was the one that asked for it, so I can't blame anyone but myself - and now I want it back (but hell if I'm payin' upwards of $400 for it)!

Krusher (Mattel, 1979)
A monster which you would crush (or Krush) and it would come back to life!
The problem with this toy is that after it'd been crushed too many times, it's surface would crack and begin to break off.

Krusher is nowhere to be found, it's too bad it sounds as if he's a rare find these days.

I loved the Megabug Gladiators (Kenner, 1979), of which I had the Scorpion and the Spider (not sure if I had the Fly)

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